Hi there!  I am the Kooky Coyote.  Two of my favourite singers are responsible for my name: one of them called me kooky, the other said I cheered like a coyote.  Broken down, I guess a kooky coyote would mean a weird trickster…I’m okay with that!

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and I’m in my 30’s.  I have an amazing day job that I enjoy, but I’ve truly loved to write, and be creative, all my life.  So this is my mostly anonymous way to follow my true passion.  Photos, hobbies, memories, travels, tours, concerts…all these things and more will find a home here.

For those who know me, thank you for visiting!  For those who don’t, well, you will soon. Thank you very much for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy my stories!

(PSA: My blog is not monetized in any way. I have no ads and make no money from views, clicks etc. and I receive no sponsorships. I wanted to make this clear as I do ‘drop some names’ on here, but even if this resulted in increased traffic, it makes no difference to me. For now, I have no plans to make money here as I don’t feel right about it given I often talk about real, famous people. I’m just here because I love telling these stories, and people seem to like them.)