Dallas Dreams: Don Henley Runaway Tours 2016, Part 3

This is part 3 of a 5 part series. Click here for part one, and here for part 2!

“If I’m alive in the morning, I’ll be alive in a dream…”

Eagles, “Chug All Night”

MAY 1, 2016

Alive in a dream I was.

I woke up surprisingly early, and as soon as I opened my eyes I was raring to go. 

I’m telling you, it was a whole different world down there. That never happens!

I ordered room service for breakfast, and got the “Cowboy Eggs Benedict” because it just sounded so Texas. I think the “cowboy” aspect was just sausage in the sauce, if I remember right, but it was absolutely delicious.  It also came with the tiniest, cutest little bottle of Tabasco sauce ever. 

Not used to seeing hot sauce come with breakfast! I used it, though, because hey, when in Texas, and it was really good. I then rinsed out the little bottle because it was cute and different and tucked it into my luggage. It lives on my shelf of memorabilia and random things collected in my travels now. 

My plan for the day was to cover the rest of the resort that C and I hadn’t been able to explore the night before, and take photos of everything

I left my hotel room a little before 11am, and just started walking. I was enchanted by the entire place. I started in the lobby and atrium.

Click to enlarge photos…

At the back of the main building, I popped outside for a moment.

Click to enlarge photos…

I wish I could’ve followed every trail, but there was so much more to see, so I went back inside.

Click to enlarge photos…

There was so much to see. I probably still missed something. I also took video of the miniatures in action, because they were so cool! I love stuff like that.

I headed out the front doors to explore outside a bit more. I walked over to the venue for the show later, the Glass Cactus nightclub, then began to walk the length of the long driveway.

Click to enlarge photos…

When I got back to the room, I went out onto the balcony and just sat there, taking it all in. My travels are rarely relaxing. I’m usually in a rush to make it to a show, waking up late, often travelling in the day of the event so there’s no time to just sight see. 

A million thank yous to Runaway Tours for the way this package was set up, because I promise you, this was the most relaxing concert trip I’ve ever been on, and I needed that.

I was about to meet Don Henley, and I knew that. Every other time I’ve met someone for the first time, it’s been completely unplanned and almost by accident (see how I met Lindsey Buckingham, or Glenn Frey). Usually, I’d be jumping out of my skin with nervousness just for a show. Instead, I was sitting on this balcony, not a care in the world, in awe of everything. 

Eventually, I got up to go back inside and get ready for the show. 

Happy balcony selfie for the road.

This part was…less than relaxing. For starters, after my shower, I realized I had gotten a wicked sunburn. 

First time out in the sun after the winter—I mean, it was still pretty much winter back home! Whoops.

I did my makeup while I let my hair dry a little more. I was making decent time, still not in any rush yet.

Whoops again. 

As I straightened my waist length, frizzy hair that was in serious need of a new coat of dye (I was planning my hair appointments around my wedding, at this point, so it was rather unruly), I noticed after awhile that it didn’t feel as…warm…as it should. 

Upon inspection, I realized my straightener had died. 

My hair was now half straightened and styled, and half…puffball. Perfect.

Efforts to resuscitate the straightener were unsuccessful. So I chucked it in the garbage, layered a bunch of anti-frizz product into my jacked up hair (and in sheer desperation, took some hotel hand lotion to the ends), and finally threw it in a side ponytail because there was no saving it. 

Now rushing, I took a quick pic of my outfit and dashed out the door. 

My wingtip heels were an homage to Glenn Frey—ever the snappy dresser, I saw him wear wingtips in concert more than once.

In the elevator, a lady noticed my lanyard and excitedly asked if there was a concert happening.

“Not exactly,” I replied. “It’s kind of a…fan convention? of Don Henley fans? It’s about 250 people and it’s a concert with a Q&A period and a photo op.”

…Later, Sister Coyote dubbed this DonCon, and I am so sad it wasn’t actually called this and I didn’t even think to use it at the time. Missed opportunity! 

It was a bit of a walk to the venue, and I wasn’t too sure how seating worked but I thought it was general admission. Resigning myself to sitting further back than I’d like, and arriving even more dishevelled than I already was, I hurried out the door to start the trek. 

“Are you going to the Glass Cactus ma’am?” 

“Oh, yes I am!”

“You can get in with us if you want, we’re just waiting on two more who reserved a spot.”

The hotel had a freaking car service set up. This place thought of everything!!!

I hopped in this big black Suburban with a bunch of people who looked like fancy Dallas oil tycoons, and began to feel very out of my league. 

Nobody said anything bad to me, but it was clear that their freaking socks probably cost more than my entire outfit. I’m a shy person, and I fall out of my comfort zone very quickly in settings where I feel out of place. I shrank into my clearance clothes and messed up ponytail as we rode over to the event venue.

I stepped out into the hot night in a sea of gold Rolexes and big Texas hair. 

The relaxation of the day faded a bit. On the plus side, we were mostly lined up by the number on our lanyards, and mine was a fairly low one so I wound up near the front of the line. 

But my mind was starting to spin again. 

I don’t belong here. This thing is for the fancy fans. 

My original worry from the plane came back, too. Should I even be doing this? 

Plainly speaking: What if Don’s an ass?

I texted Mr Coyote to say that we were headed inside, and all phones had to be put away at that point. I also said, These aren’t my people. The crowd was so different from my usual band of average everyday fangirls.

Everything felt surreal. People were complaining about the heat, the wait, the lineup. Not me. 

It was really starting to hit me now. I was in an exclusive event. With the fancy people. And I was about to meet Don Henley.

This is part 3 in a 5 part series. Click here for part 4 – the show!

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